Concrete vibrators and converters

The secret to choosing the best possible concrete vibrators and converters is to use a company that you can trust. Vibra System is an Italian firm with years of experience. In fact, the firm was started by Phil Dreff in 1979. He used his experience as a professional engineer to ensure that the very best concrete vibrators and converters are offered by the company and that the company stays at the forefront of advancements in technology.

This expertise and their dedication to the very best customer service experience means that you can be guaranteed the right vibrators and converters, regardless of what you need them for.

Understanding Concrete Vibrators And Converters

Of course, if you are choosing the right concrete vibrators and converters you need to understand the different options available. It will ensure you choose the best one for the job at hand.

  • Vibrators

You should note that a concrete vibrator will eliminate the air bubbles in the concrete mix. This strengthens the concrete. It also helps to ensure that the different levels, or lifts, of concrete, are blended properly. Again, this strengthens the concrete.

  • Converters

In contrast, the converter is a device that simply converts a standard power supply into a high-frequency one. This s what you need to power the vibrator. However, it should be noted that the converter is only necessary if you have chosen a high cycle vibrator.

  • High Cycle Vibrators

These are designed to be powered by a converter and need Hz, three times the usual supply. This makes them very efficient, especially on heavy-duty jobs.

  • Flexible Shaft Vibrators

These are used in general construction, such as driveways and walls. They are powered by a standard electric or gasoline motor and effectively remove the air bubbles.

Additional Thoughts On Choosing The Best Concrete Vibrators And Converters

It should be noted that both these types of vibrators are inserted into the concrete and are the most commonly used type. To select the best one for your job speak to the professionals at Vibra Systems and they will guide you.

Concrete vibrators and converters