Electronic vibrators for concrete

When it comes to concrete vibrators are an essential part of the pouring process. There are several different types of electronic vibrators for concrete but they all do the same job. They effectively vibrate, or mix the concrete, forcing air bubbles out of the mix. Air bubbles generally appear in the concrete as a result of the high speed and constant pouring from a mixer truck. If left the air bubbles will weaken the concrete and make it more porous. Eliminating them using electronic vibrators for concrete is essential.

Types Of Electronic Vibrators For Concrete

There are four different types of concrete vibrators.

  1. External

The external vibrator is placed around the edge of the concrete structure. The larger the structure the more vibrators you will need as they are generally placed six feet apart.

  1. Surface

A surface vibrator is pointed at the surface of the concrete and is only practical for concrete with depths of six inches or less. It is very good at creating a smooth finish.

  1. Internal

This is the most popular option. It is a rod inserted into the concrete next to where the concrete is being poured. It agitates and removes air very efficiently.

  1. Vibrating Tables

This type of vibrator is designed for small-scale work and creating concrete molds. It is literally a table with springs that vibrates via an electric motor. Molds are clamped to the table and the two things vibrate together, eliminating bubbles and strengthening the concrete.

Why Choose Electronic Vibrators

If you take a look at the range of electronic vibrators for concrete available at Vibra Systems you will quickly see that electronic is generally better than gasoline. This is because they are practical, quiet, and easy to use. The electronic ones can also be more powerful, providing you take a high-frequency converter with your vibrator. Vibra Systems can talk you through the entire process, speak to them today!

Electronic vibrators for concrete