Fix vibrators for formwork

Whenever you create concrete on a large scale you are going to need to mix it in an industrial-sized cement mixer. This allows it to be poured onto your site, creating perfect foundations. Of course, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes. The problem is that when you pour large amounts of concrete you will introduce oxygen to it. This is natural because as the concrete hits the surface it displaces dirt and air, some of which enters the concrete mix.

Unfortunately, thousands of air bubbles in your concrete are not a good thing. It weakens the concrete and makes it more vulnerable. A concrete vibrator agitates the concrete as it is being poured, effectively preventing the bubbles from forming. This strengthens the concrete and is often necessary to comply with building codes.

The Different Types Of Concrete Vibrators

There are several different types of concrete vibrators. The most obvious difference is whether they are electrically powered or whether they rely on an air current.

  • Formwork Vibrators

Formwork vibrators are used when creating precast concrete. The vibrators are attached to the outside of the form and they vibrate the entire frame. In most cases, the vibrators are just six feet apart.

  • Surface Vibrator

The surface vibrator is aimed at the surface of the concrete as it is poured. This approach only works if the depth of the concrete is no more than 6 inches But, this approach does give a very smooth finish.

  • Internal Vibrators

As the name suggests these are placed into the concrete. The secret is to plunge it in fast and then withdraw it slowly.

Choosing The Right One

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Fix vibrators for formwork