Mechanical vibrators for concrete

When you pour large amounts of concrete air will inevitably be sucked into the mixture. Unfortunately, air in concrete decreases its density, making it weaker and more porous. Removing the air is essential if you want strong and smooth concrete. Mechanical vibrators for concrete help you remove the air and get the best possible results.

The reference to mechanical simply refers to the fact that these concrete vibrators are powered by a motor, they are not operated manually, this would be inefficient.

Types Of Mechanical Vibrators For Concrete

There are several different types of mechanical vibrators for concrete that you can use. You will need to decide which is most suitable for the project you are undertaking.

  • Internal

The internal vibrator is the most popular option and for good reason. It is a rod that is inserted into the concrete and agitates it, effectively eliminating air bubbles. It can be powered by electricity or a gasoline engine, making it a practical option on all building sites. 

  • Form

Form vibrators are also called external ones as they sit around the edge of an area and don’t come into contact with the concrete. This allows them to vibrate the entire area of the concrete and push the air bubbles out.

  • Surface

The third most common type of mechanical vibrators for concrete is the surface one that is directed at the surface f the concrete. It doesn’t touch the concrete and is only effective for shallow depths. But, it does create a very smooth finish.

Choosing Mechanical Vibrators For Concrete

The best way to choose the right mechanical vibrators for concrete is to speak to the experts. There are few companies better qualified to help with this than Vibra Systems. The company was founded in 1979 by a professional engineer and is dedicated to excellent customer service with the attest and best innovations in the industry.

Mechanical vibrators for concrete