Serie SB



The vibrating screeds are especially suitable for push and drag the concrete. Can be supplied with aluminum base 1-1.5 2-2,5 or 3m
Light, sturdy extruded section in aluminium alloy. Con-crete is usually laid out easily thanks to its custom con-struction. The result is aflat surface and a strong finish which make floating operations usually required for the subsequent smoothing of the slab largely su-perfluous. Lightweight and ideal for a variety of use, it can be easily lifted by one crew member. Fitted with a 1 – 1.5 – 2 – 2.5 or 3 m aluminium base.

Its lightness and versatility allow it to be handled by one person. Handles can be calibrated to achieve a more comforta-ble working position.
Especially suitable for its curved profile, for use and treatment of concrete with no problems, as well as the achieve-ment of effective movement.
They are equipped with electric or gas-oline motor and can be equipped with aluminum bases 1-1,5-2-2,5- 3 m.

Engine type single fase Honda GX-25
Max power 100 W 1,1 CV – 4 tempi
Capacity 25 (cm3 / hp / ch)
Lenght profile 1 a 3 mt. 1 a 3 mt.
Size profile 180×80 mm. 180×80 mm.
Total weight 13,20 to 19,20 kg. 12 to 18 kg.
Engine profile 3.000 rpm 9.000 rpm
Centrifugal force 99 kg. 150 kg.