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The electronic converters ARTIC se- ries, are fitted with an electronic mod- ule which makes the static converter completely without any moving parts subject to wear. One of its characteris- tics and maneuverability making it much more lightweight (only 4.0 kg) and qui- et. Built in two versions with ABS shell and powder-coated steel with a com- fortable shoulder strap.

The technical characteristics of which benefits are:

  • Stability of frequency and voltage when the load
  • Presence of thermal protection and short-circuit and over- current phase
  • Housing protection IP
Mod. 1000 Mod. 3000
Voltage input Voltage output Voltage input Voltage output
V 230 V 42 V 230 V 42
A 2,9 A 11 A 2,9 A 28
IS 1 IS 1 IS 1 IS 1
W 800 W 2400
Protection IP44
Vibrators connected:

ARTIC 1000  –  Ø 38-50

ARTIC 3000  –  Ø 38-50-60-65

Weight    4,0 Kg. Weight   4,5 Kg.


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