Vibrating screeds for concrete

When concrete is poured it any horizontal area it is natural that air will get trapped under the concrete. In many cases, excess water is also trapped under the concrete. Unfortunately, if this is left you will have pockets in your concrete. This will weaken the concrete. In fact, over a relatively short space of time, you will find pieces of concrete breaking off or sinking. 

In other words, you need to get rid of the air and excess water. The best way of doing this is by using a vibrator or vibrating screeds for concrete.

These are simple devices that work like a manual screed, gliding across the top of the concrete to create a smooth finish. At the same time, these vibrating screeds for concrete will vibrate the concrete, forcing the air and water out. That gives you a smooth and strong finish. 

Where To Buy Vibrating Screeds For Concrete

The key element in choosing vibrating screeds for concrete is to use a supplier you can trust. That means choosing one like Vibra Systems that has an excellent reputation and has been in existence for years. This shows their dedication to great customer service, the latest innovations, and ensuring you have the best vibrating screeds for concrete for your needs.  

Vibra Systems has been in existence for over 40 years. The company was started by a professional engineer, they know what they are talking about!

Types Of  Vibrating Screeds For Concrete

There are a variety of different vibrating screeds for concrete. The selection may seem baffling but the experts at Vibra Systems can guide you to the right one.

While there are laser-guided screed machines and truss screeds these are only suitable for large jobs with plenty of manpower and budget. In most cases, the stand-up screed is the easiest solution. This involves a vibrating board attached to a motor. The width of the board can be changed to accommodate the size of the concrete section. It can also be operated by just one person, making it a practical choice.

Vibrating screeds for concrete