Pneumatic vibrators for concrete

Pneumatic vibrators are used n a huge array of industries, within the construction industry you will find pneumatic vibrators for concrete which are used to remove excess water and air from the concrete as it is poured.

In effect, a rod is inserted into the concrete which is attached to a rod that goes inside the pipe you hold. This is powered by compressed air and spins erratically to force air bubbles to the surface of the concrete, effectively eliminating them. At the same time, excess moisture is pushed upward, ensuring the concrete is as strong as possible.

The main difference between pneumatic vibrators for concrete and electronic ones is that these are powered by compressed air.

Speak To The Experts

If you are looking for vibrators for concrete you should speak to Vibra Systems. They have been trading since 1979 and have always stuck to the same basic principles. That is to ensure that the customer gets the very best service.

The business was created by a professional engineer and is constantly revising and improving the products on offer. You can chat with them at any time to ensure you choose the best vibrators for concrete for your project.

Factors To Consider

Pneumatic vibrators for concrete are a good choice in many situations. But, before you order one from Vibra Systems you should consider the following. In some cases, an electronic vibrator can be a better choice.

  • Power Source

If you have electricity on-site you may prefer an electronic vibrator, especially if you want to use a high-frequency converter with one. If not, you will find pneumatic vibrators for concrete a better option.

  • Work

Spare a moment to consider what work is being done. Doing foundations is very different from walls, or even ceilings! You want a vibrator designed for the work you are doing.

  • Depth Of Work

Don’t forget that some vibrators are only good for six inches of concrete. Whatever the project you need to make sure your rod is long enough to give the right results.

Don’t waste any more time, contact Vibra Systems today for the best advice and get your pneumatic vibrators for concrete sorted.

Pneumatic vibrators for concrete